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It's time to find your style

Healthy lifestyle choices guided by science

Hi, I'm Dr.Ruth

A PhD scientist, with over 35 years of experience in lifestyle research and scientific communication.

I am dedicated to helping you reach your personal lifestyle objectives.

I do this by translating complex scientific research into actionable lifestyle choices. By joining me on this journey, you will become more in tune with yourself, your physical & emotional responses and how you can best support a balanced life.

Guided by science, fine tuned by you and your personal experience.


What's DoTerra got to do with it?

doTERRA products have supported me and many of my clients in all aspects of lifestyle.

When you buy doTERRA products as a wholesale

customer or as a wellness advocate, you have access to experience and personalised guidance on what to purchase, how to use it and how to expand and adjust which products you want, as and when your needs change.

It's a one stop shop to care for your body, mind and environment.

What is Lifestyle Science?

Finding scientific evidence to back your choice isn't difficult.

Understanding the quality of individual studies and whether these are relevant to you and your experience, is.

I can help you to minimise the trial and error in identifying which lifestyle choices are most likely to work for you. I can translate complex scientific research and provide context to scientific recommendations on subjects like nutrition, exercise, stress management and creating healthy environments.

Science rarely has all the answers, and is equally rarely applicable to everyone, all the time.

However, looking at science holistically can provide meaningful guidance on what might work for you, now.



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"So I have done the protocol, on Wednesday before going to bed, as you said with the Lavender oil. Oh my gosh, I slept so well, it felt like a sleeping pill "

Female, 35

Lavender Oil

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