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My Story

I’m a PhD scientist, with over 35 years of experience in lifestyle research and scientific communication.

I know just how often science can be misrepresented, misinterpreted and/or misleading – and I love nothing more than to disentangle the latest scientific story to provide simplified, meaningful information that allows people to sense what works for them.

I chose to use doTERRA essential oils because they are beautiful, pure, sourced with heart and supported by great science and offer so many possibilities to support my own personalised healthy lifestyle.

Are you sometimes confused trying to work out the science behind the latest dietary or exercise trends?

Do you worry about what products you should or should not bring into your home?

Are you struggling to find a healthy lifestyle that you can embrace, enjoy and that makes you feel good?

Let me demystify the science behind all this, and more - and help you discover how these gifts of nature can support your personal lifestyle objectives.

Finding doTERRA

I discovered doTERRA several years ago, and was immediately impressed by the quality of their products and the scientific research that they apply to maintain the quality and continuously develop new and innovative products.

Most importantly, doTERRA describe all their products in relation to a wellness and lifestyle chart. The chart embraces healthy eating, exercise, rest and relaxation, avoiding too much exposure to synthetic chemicals, and informed self-care. This is an exquisitely simple structure to apply for the science of lifestyles – and the products provide a near infinite range of options to support each and every one of these lifestyle areas.

Finally, I love doTERRA’s business model – which facilitates direct, personalised, guidance on how to apply their products to your lifestyle needs. When you buy doTERRA products as a wholesale customer or as a wellness advocate, you have access to experience and personalised guidance on what to purchase, how to use it and how to expand and adjust which products you want, as and when your needs change.


It started with me and my family. The principles behind healthy balanced lifestyles that I support, are the same I share with my husband and daughters.

Products, diets, exercise trends and lifestyle choices are often portrayed as being based on the latest science… but then so is every other option, which may or may not be compatible with it.

It can be easy to find some science to support any product or behavioural change. But we can often be disappointed when the science somehow doesn’t seem to play out for us.

Science rarely has all the answers, and is equally rarely applicable to everyone, all the time. Understanding the context of scientific research on any particular topic, and the context in which it is applicable, are key to understanding what may or may not work for each of us individually, at each moment and for each challenge.

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